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Sustainable Business

The Sustainable Business Leaders (SBL) program is Jackson Hole’s green business education, resource, and recognition program and membership-based association that has been managed by Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) since 2007. The Riverwind Foundation is Teton County ISWR’s community partner in managing the program, including conducting sustainability education and enrollment sessions with businesses and organizations.


The full list of Sustainable Business Leaders can be found here.

Sustainability ToolBox

We are committed to providing Sustainable Business Leaders the resources they need to succeed. The first tool we've created is a Sustainability Management Template, which is also in line with our requirements for the BEST Program.



Interested businesses and organizations are invited to apply for membership in the Sustainable Business Leaders (SBL) Program by taking a survey based on sustainability criteria. The survey is designed to provide applicants with a baseline measurement of its sustainability performance and the basis for planning to strengthen its environmental, social, and economic sustainability efforts.


The Riverwind Foundation has a team of professionals, known as “Hotshots,” trained to walk businesses and organizations through the survey criteria and provide guidance and resources for supporting a business's sustainability journey.


Once the SBL survey is submitted, a Riverwind Foundation representative will contact an applicant with the survey evaluation results, answer questions, welcome you to the SBL Program, and start the organization on its way to success in increased sustainability.

The survey is updated on an annual basis. The latest survey updates include additional criteria on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Health and Safety; and Conservation and Resource Protection.

Apply for Membership


Use of storefront decal signifying Sustainable Business Leader membership.

Use of electronic logo signifying Sustainable Business Leader membership.

Promotion via print, online, and radio media channels.

Recognition in the Sustainable Business Guide Directory.

Listing in the online Road to Zero Waste Business Leaders Directory, including a link to your website.

A highlighted Sustainable listing in the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory.

Support and recognition for Zero Waste Green Event hosting, including zero waste advising, resources, and use of Sustainable Business Leaders banner and supplies.

Networking benefits, including invitations to quarterly Sustainable Business Leaders networking and educational events.

Eligibility for advanced recognition through the Business Emerald Sustainability Tier (BEST) Certification Program. 

Grants programs.

Workshops & Webinars

Our annual Sustainable Business Leaders luncheon took place on November 14, 2023. Use the link below to download the presentation. Each speaker presented their program for incentivizing and rewarding employees to commute using alternatives to single occupancy vehicles and the availability of electric vehicle charging stations.

For more information about the Sustainable Business Leaders program contact Executive Director, Shannon Shuptrine at or ISWR Superintendent, Becky Kiefer at

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